What is potpourri and why is it so appealing as a gift or decoration? Read on and find out!

Potpourri is a mix of dried herbs and plant material that when combined will give off a very fragrant aroma in the room in which it is located. It's natural smell is often used to grace a home with it's subtle scent. The plant material is typically known for it's fragrance and are almost always save to have in the home.

You always have the option of putting a bowl of potpourri on a frequented table, or even tying it into small bags to allow the scent to come out slowly. If you are looking for a pleasant and well received gift, then consider potpourri. Most people will gladly receive this type of gift and use it to enhance their home through it's charm and welcoming aroma.

Want to know what potpourri is made from? Typically you will find cedar, cypress, and juniper wood shavings along with lavender leaves and flowers, some mignonette leaves and flowers, pinyon pine cones, some rose oil or petals, cinnamon bark, marjoram and many other flowers and spices. When you buy potpourri you will need to make sure the flowers in the mix are safe and exactly what you bought by looking over the ingredients label. Don't worry if oils are added to the potpourri, they are there to ensure that the smell lasts longer and comes across stronger.

Potpourri is typically used for decoration. It is created from dried plant materials, but does not necessarily get the scent from those materials. Actually, you will usually find that barks and flowers are combined to make the delightfully smelling and colorful mix, while the scent comes from oils.

Do be careful with placing your potpourri, however, as occasionally strong dyes are used and can bleed out onto whatever is underneath the potpourri. So make sure that whatever you place the potpourri directly onto is something you are not closely attached to.

Potpourri can be purchased for very low prices in many fine and recognizable locations. Be sure to check online for potpourri gift catalogs, though, because they will often have better deals or hard to find items!